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The Ugly Girls' Club

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Girlhood Friends.
Shameful Secrets.
A Rash of Suicides.
Or is it Murder?

Emma Dawson and her friends have felt ugly and overlooked for as long as they can remember. During one humiliating night, they pledge to stand by each other and form the Ugly Girls' Club.

Several years later, with summer right around the corner, the promise of beach days, bike rides, and sleepovers beckons. That is until two girls at Emma's school take their lives, overdosing on ketamine. With each death, shameful secrets come to light.

Emma has a secret of her own. A secret she'd be mortified to share with her closest friends.

As more suicides take place, a social justice movement arises. But are these kids really killing themselves? Emma and her friends aren't so sure.

It's a long summer.
Emma is growing.
Relationships are shifting.
Beauty has decided to smile upon Emma after all. But could this mean the kiss of death?