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The Bisset Trilogy

Identical Twins. A Trusting Mother. A Stolen Child. So Begins The Saga Of The Bisset Family.

  • The Other Nadia Bisset (The Bisset Trilogy Book 1)

    The Other Nadia Bisset

    Book 1 In The Bisset Trilogy

  • The Incarnation of Lydia Bisset

    Book 2 In The Bisset Trilogy

  • May Eve

    Book 3 In The Bisset Trilogy

    Available April 30, 2023

  • Good Neighbors

    Secrets, Infidelity & Murder

  • The Ugly Girls' Club

    Girlhood Friends. Shameful Secrets. A Rash of Suicides. Or is it Murder?

  • Her Last Memory

    A tragic accident...A new life...Secrets

  • Sleep Martyrs

    A Mind-Bending Science Fiction Thriller

  • Milk

    A Family's Struggle

    A Mafia Man's Greed

  • Three Gripping Summer Thrillers

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    Her Last Memory

    The Ugly Girls' Club

    Sleep Martyrs

  • Synanon Kid (Book One)

    A Memoir of Growing Up In The Synanon Cult

  • Synanon Kid Grows Up (Book Two)

    A Memoir of Learning To Live Outside The Synanon Cult

  • Get Both Synanon Books

  • Alice And The Calamitous Case Of Dyshexia (Book One)

    A dyshexic witch? Check.

    Vengeful fairies? Double check.

    An impossible quest? Triple check.

  • Alice And The Happy Wish Demon House (Book Two)

    A clandestine warlock.

    Lust-crazed sirens.

    And a toilet that is a coveted portal.

    Prepare to be flushed away by this paranormal comedy.

  • The Little Demon Girl

    A pesky demon, a best friend who has vanished and no one remembers ever existed, a mother suffering from melancholia and willful blindness, these are just some of the problems that have Martha Jane Lewis baffled, befuddled, and bewildered.

  • The Curse of Sara Douroux

    A gothic tale of horror, secrets, and an unimaginable past...

  • Reset: Short Story Digital Book

    A mundane morning turns surreal when Kimani Williams wakes up to inexplicable changes to her body.What’s more, her boyfriend seems surprised to see her.

  • Reset: Short Story Audio Book

  • The Other Nadia Bisset


  • Her Last Memory


  • The Ugly Girls' Club


  • Synanon Kid


  • Synanon Kid Grows Up


  • C.A. Wittman

    C.A. Wittman grew up in Northern California. In 1993 she moved to Maui, Hawaii where she raised her children. The author now lives between Los Angeles and New York where she writes and spends time with her grandchildren.