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Alice And The Happy Wish Demon House

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A clandestine warlock. Lust-crazed sirens. And a toilet that is a coveted portal. Prepare to be flushed away by this paranormal comedy.

The fairies have come to collect their favor: Alice must return a warlock to the fairy realm, a task easier said than done. Stolen by a siren when he was a child, Simon has no idea he’s a warlock. Worse, Simon can only re-enter the fairy realm by jumping into a man-sized toilet of his own free will and without discovering that he’s part of the magical community.

But the siren won’t let either happen. Feeding off of Simon’s sensitive nature, she uses him to become corporeal in the earthly realm. And if the Siren manages to take possession of other souls, her sisters will join her to unleash a seduction catastrophe that LA has never seen before.

With the siren never letting Simon out of her sight, Alice has a hard time gaining Simon’s trust and even a harder time convincing him to jump into a man-sized toilet. And it doesn’t help that the growing attraction between them causes them to be plagued by shadowy demonic birds called harpies, among other dark messengers of the siren.

Can Alice find it in herself to turn in the very man she’s irresistibly drawn to? Or will she condemn all of LA to a terrible fate?