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The Other Nadia Bisset

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Identical Twins.
A Trusting Mother.
A Stolen Child.

Nadia and Lydia Bisset are identical mirror twins, beautiful, ethereal little girls that make people stop and stare. Carla, their young mother, is exhausted, trudging through endless days of caring for her daughters with little help from her husband, often away on long business trips. At twenty-four, Carla feels like her life has ended before it has even begun.

When a new and helpful neighbor, moves next door, the two women become fast friends, spending every day together for two weeks until Carla awakens one afternoon from a drug-induced sleep to find one of her twins, Lydia, and the new neighbor have disappeared.

Years go by and Lydia remains missing. Meanwhile, Nadia is growing into a bright, sweet, talented child, yet beneath the surface of her sunny disposition lurks a cold and calculating mind. Forced to reckon with Nadia’s growing psychopathy, Carla puts her daughter into therapy only to have her fragile hopes shattered in a single moment of truth. What Carla discovers will blow her world wide open and nothing will ever be the same again.