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The Incarnation of Lydia Bisset

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The Incarnation Of Lydia Bisset is Coming This Spring 2022!

A Stolen Twin
A Family Secret
A Dangerous Cult Protected By The Rich And Powerful

Carla Bisset wants nothing more than to put the tragedy of her past behind her and provide a normal life for her daughter, Lydia. The abduction of Lydia’s twin has left the family prey to sordid media tabloid stories, and Lydia hounded by paparazzi.

A move to a small sleepy town in New York provides several years of respite from the public eye. But when three men are found brutally murdered in the park near the Bisset’s home, Carla finds her world, once again uprooted and plunged into darkness.

For Investigative journalist Katie Garrison and Detective Don Anderson, the initial search for the missing Bisset twin left a lot of dead-ends.

The crime, unresolved, a collaborative effort to find the missing girl, leads to a cunning web of deceit and the twins’ wealthy, powerful family who live by their own rules. A family that will stop at nothing to fulfill its destiny.

The Incarnation of Lydia Bisset is a haunting psychological thriller that will linger in your thoughts long after you finish the last page.