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The Curse of Sara Douroux

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A gothic tale of horror, secrets, and an unimaginable past…

 In a remote island community, Sara lives with her deeply religious elderly parents. Discouraged from building friendships in school, she leads a quiet, secluded life, but when the family is forced to take in four mysterious young cousins, Sara’s life soon turns tumultuous.

Something wicked, something dark has Sara’s family in its grip.An insidious terror will soon sweep through the small valley where Sara lives, threatening the lives of her neighbors. In a race to discover the truth of who her cousins really are, Sara forms a tenuous friendship with an unlikely pair: Jenny, a shy newcomer to the island, and Sunami, a tomboyish local girl. As the girls discover a chilling truth, they realize to their horror that time is running out and some secrets should never be disturbed.