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Sleep Martyrs

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Tori and her sister, Laila have recently moved to Santomon Village in Calabasas California to live with their mom’s new husband and his two children. But navigating around their controlling stepfather and their aloof new siblings becomes the least of their worries.

There is a vague sense of menace in their state of the art lavish smart home with its cutting edge calm technology. And something is not quite right with the bright, cheerful kids at Santomon’s private school where the girls are enrolled.

Undergrads from prestigious universities and ivy-league colleges are vying for the coveted internships within Santomon Village. The mega-corporation is the darling of the tech world. But not everyone is singing Santomon praises. A growing number of parents are voicing concerns that at first seem vague.

As Tori and Laila’s mother begins to have doubts about her marriage, there is talk of divorce. Tori yearns to return to Inglewood and the simple life they had. But Laila’s not so sure leaving the village will be easy because what she has discovered is a treacherous web of lies unfathomable in their scope. What Laila wonders is if they can escape from Santomon before it’s too late.

How can you discover the truth when you may be the lie?

A suspenseful page-turner with deep themes that leave you pondering the unsettling future we humans are creating.”

“Think Bentley Little. Think The Stepford Wives. Think Dan Brown. Think thriller – horror and a dash of SF. Think: very well written, very hard to put down, with lots of interesting characters and very hard to put down once you start reading. Don’t think that you’ll understand where the story will go and don’t think it will follow the usual path. It is just one big surprise! “
––Jannelies S, Netgalley Reviewer

“Very clever. “––Jenna S, Netgalley Reviewer