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Domestic Thriller Box Set

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Her Last Memory

A tragic accident...A new life...Secrets

Serene Hokulani only knows she's in Hollywood, but nothing else looks familiar. Her last memory is leaving her house in 1996 as a suspect in a murder investigation.

Diagnosed with a dissociative fugue state, Serene learns that she is now Dora Jones. Dora has a loving wife, three children, and a thriving business. But, the part of herself who became Dora has now vanished, leaving Serene to manage the life, challenges, and relationships Dora has forged along the way.

As Serene struggles to put together the pieces of her troubled past, one night repeatedly comes into question—the night of the dinner party. The night Taylor Davis was murdered. Anyone of Serene's friends had reason to hate Taylor. Anyone of them had reason to hurt her.
Maybe Dora knows the truth. Dora, who is diametrically different in every way from Serene, or is she?

The Ugly Girls' Club

Girlhood Friends.
Shameful Secrets.
A Rash of Suicides.
Or is it Murder?

Emma Dawson and her friends have felt ugly and overlooked for as long as they can remember. During one humiliating night, they pledge to stand by each other and form the Ugly Girls' Club.

Several years later, with summer right around the corner, the promise of beach days, bike rides, and sleepovers beckons. That is until two girls at Emma's school take their lives, overdosing on ketamine. With each death, shameful secrets come to light.

Emma has a secret of her own. A secret she'd be mortified to share with her closest friends.

As more suicides take place, a social justice movement arises. But are these kids really killing themselves? Emma and her friends aren't so sure.

It's a long summer.
Emma is growing.
Relationships are shifting.
Beauty has decided to smile upon Emma after all. But could this mean the kiss of death?

Sleep Martyrs

Tori and her sister, Laila have recently moved to Santomon Village in Calabasas California to live with their mom’s new husband and his two children. But navigating around their controlling stepfather and their aloof new siblings becomes the least of their worries.

There is a vague sense of menace in their state-of-the-art lavish smart home with its cutting-edge calm technology. And something is not quite right with the bright, cheerful kids at Santomon's private school where the girls are enrolled.

Undergrads from prestigious universities and ivy-league colleges are vying for the coveted internships within Santomon Village. The mega-corporation is the darling of the tech world. But not everyone is singing Santomon praises. A growing number of parents are voicing concerns that at first seem vague.

As Tori and Laila's mother begins to have doubts about her marriage, there is talk of divorce. Tori yearns to return to Inglewood and the simple life they had. But Laila's not so sure leaving the village will be easy because what she has discovered is a treacherous web of lies unfathomable in their scope. What Laila wonders is if they can escape from Santomon before it's too late.