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Alice And The Calamitous Case Of Dyshexia

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A dyshexic witch? Check.
Vengeful fairies? Double check.
An impossible quest? Triple check.

Stuck in a thirteen-year-old’s body and cursed to live amongst humans, Alice hates being a half-witch and doesn't think her life can get much worse. But then she meets Montana, a fiery young witch who suffers from dyshexia, a condition that reverses spells with disastrous consequences. To be cured, Montana must go to the fairies to fix her dangerous magical blunders. Yet stubborn Montana refuses and, instead, joins a shrewd pair of televangelists at their cult-like bible camp. Certain that Jesus is a powerful wizard who can solve her problem, Montana is determined to meet him.

Frustrated with Montana's unwillingness to cooperate, the fairies kidnap Alice's mother and threaten to disperse her to the four winds unless Alice can convince Montana to turn herself in.
But Montana won’t stop her quest to find Jesus that easily, and Alice soon gets tangled up in Montana’s crazy adventures.

Will Alice succeed in her mission or will she lose the one person she cares about the most?